Marriage Goals

With weddings and marriage playing a very important part in many people’s lives, it is interesting how there aren’t many games about it, especially when considering the fact that games are an important part of various cultures around the world.

Games are an activity that can entertain and challenge people. They can teach lessons and even help players cultivate thinking strategically. That is why it is important to have a game about marriage or married life.

Enter Marriage Goals.

What is Marriage Goals?

Marriage Goals is a board and card game centered on the momentous wedding event. It simulates the road towards having the perfect marriage. Married life is an intricate balancing act that is paved with commitment, hard work, prioritization, and a little bit of luck.

They say that a balanced life is a good one. They also say that it is extremely hard to do just that. This game attempts to show just that. By the end of the game, the couple with the highest and most balanced metrics – namely money, intimacy, and happiness – win the game.

How Do You Play Marriage Goals?

In the game, a total of 6 players play. At the start of the game, the first three youngest players (starting from the youngest) get to choose who their partner is. These teams of three will be the couples we’ll be following in the journey of marriage. The couple whose added ages come up with the least value will be the last to take a turn. The couple whose ages have the largest sum will be the first.

The game rolls through in turns, with each turn representing three months of time passing. At the start of the game, each player draws 5 cards. Each card is a marriage metric that can be increased or a boon that they can bestow onto other couples. In each turn, couples must select up to three cards to play.

Cards could either be marriage metric enhancers. Examples of these cards are a job promotion which increases money, a romantic dinner that increases intimacy, or a day binging Netflix together which increases happiness.

Boon cards include things like having a flat tire to work which reduces money and “performance issues” which decreases intimacy, just to name a few.

There are also special cards that have various effects. THese include things like drawing more cards, peeking at other couples’ cards, or swapping different types of cards with other players.

Couples need to work together each turn, simultaneously building up their marriage while also doing what you can to ensure that the other couples’ marriages don’t reach their goals.

When all three couples have played cards, that consists of one turn. At the first turn, couples do not draw cards. However, in subsequent turns, each player per couple draws two cards.

The couple with either the highest combined metrics at the end of 15 turns, or the couple that reaches a total of 10 points for each, will be the winner.

We hope that you enjoy Marriage Goals with your friends and significant other!

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