Ribyt Features

Ribyt is a powerful events CRM platform with everything you need to customize and manage every layer of your guests' experience.

Manage complex details with a simple, intuitive interface.


Event Dashboard

All of your events,
big or small, in one place.

Whether it's a meeting for 10 or a group of 10,000, Ribyt can handle any type of event.

Design an itinerary for each type of guest.


Invited guests, VIPs, Super VIPs, Out of Town Guests, Executives, Staff, Clients, CEOs, Sales Team, Wedding Party.  Build the perfect experience for each group attending your event.


Groups Builder


Group Customization

Customize everything,
or nothing.

Design a different invite for any group, customize the kind of data you'll collect when guests RSVP, and personalize communication.


RSVP Tracking

Keep track of it all.

Get a snapshot of your event at anytime and track individual guest RSVP status

Coordinate guest travel,
if applicable

Easily import flight information, assign accommodations and room types, and automatically schedule airport transfers.


Travel Management Dashboard


Guest Profile

Manage each guest's experience. Down to the byt.

Make changes on an event, group, or individual level that will be immediately reflected in guest itineraries and reports.

Keep your guests abreast,
in real time.

Send each guest a personalized, mobile-optimized and printable itinerary that dynamically updates when changes happen. Plus, instantly send text messages or emails with urgent info.

Deal with the minutia, without the mayhem.

Dump the spreadsheets and eliminate the pain associated with managing all of the little details and keeping everyone on the same page. 


Endless Changes

Unlike spreadsheets, Ribyt changes are dynamic. That means info is automatically updated in all the right places.


Legal Document Admin

Invited guests can digitally sign a release form, affidavit, NDA, or other legal form during the RSVP process.


"Macro" Reporting

Export all of the info you need to make sure venues and vendors are always up to date.